Glastonburyinc -About Us

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Glastonbury, Inc. is committed to safety for our team and safe meetings and events for all.

The company has regional offices in Napa, Fullerton, and Monterey, California. In addition, our capabilities allow us to extend WORRY FREE EVENTS across the United States and worldwide for large major specialty events and conferences through our partners.

The company provides hybrid / in-person event meetings and support.

Glastonbury, Inc. provides simple one-stop shopping and management of production, as part of Production Alliance Group.

Being able to provide innovative, reliable and proven solutions for all audio, video, teleconferencing, web and computer based presentation has become our trade mark. Glastonbury is exclusive provider of K-Array, Dolby Sound, Cinionics BARCO, AURORA, BOSE Professional and Ambiosonics.

Glastonbury and BOSE provide all capture for the #bestofsound award, launched at concours d’elegance suisse .

AudioRent Clair products used throughout Europe and for Sporting events, Soccer.

Bose Professional sound used exclusively for #NFL.