About Us

Glastonbury, Inc. is a privately held, Corp-S, audio visual company which is headquartered on the Monterey Peninsula. The company has regional offices in Napa, Ontario, Anaheim, Washington State, Zurich, Switzerland and Monterey, California. In addition, our capabilities allow us to extend WORRY FREE EVENTS across the United States and worldwide for large major specialty events and conferences. The company is comprised of The Hotel/ Conference Center division, Show division, LED and Installation/ contract division. The Installation/ contract division is responsible for Network applications, APPS, Scheduling software, Inventory, Security camera systems, DOLBY theater ATMOS sound, BOSE Professional products showcase, CINIONICS /BARCO theater and other installations.

Since 1990, the firm has provided worry free events for customers to large and small conferences, banking partners, meetings, seminars, concerts, fundraisers, celebrity weddings and hundreds of specialty shows. The client base is composed primarily of hotels, resorts, car clubs, conference centers and large destination events. By offering outstanding state of the art equipment and technical expertise, Glastonbury is always on the cutting edge of technological support.

Being able to provide innovative, reliable and proven solutions for all audio, video, teleconferencing, web and computer based presentation has become our trade mark. Glastonbury is exclusive provider of Dolby Sound, Cinionics BARCO, BOSE Professional and Ambiosonics. We also provide both fixed and temporary event installations, and set up computer based network applications. Our abilities also include Multi- Presentation authoring, Collaboration Web based presentations, Unilumin LED walls, rigging, laser projectors, sound systems, draperies (color and black velour), staging, truss, set design, LED lighting, digital signage and room setups, with partners in tenting and branding.

Upon introduction, Glastonbury’s clients provide their ideas and desires for their event, then we do the rest. Through total involvement with the client or handling the entire project, the company’s well trained staff is prepared to develop a flawless execution that ensures customer satisfaction. Our unique comprehensive Cloud based system and proven management keeps you in complete communication. Each proposal is custom created for each budget and client, with an emphasis on providing the very best customer service and WORRY FREE EVENTS.